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Online Event

Club Soda's Mindful Drinking Festival - Summer 2020


Top Dog have run Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Festivals since January 2019 and when Covid 19 hit, their plan for 4 regional festivals across the UK was put in jeopardy.


They made the courageous decision to be the first in their industry to take their festival completely online and reached out to Top Dog to produce the 4 day global event.


Top Dog provided a Senior Producer who managed ten Club Soda team producers to deliver 55 individual broadcasts in 5 time zones.

With up to ten panelists in each broadcast Top Dog set up every broadcast from around the world and oversaw the technical management, ensuring each broadcast was delivered professionally and on time. 


The event was a huge success and plans to repeat the online festival are already in place.

What Club Soda said about Top Dog:

"We have worked with Top Dog before, on our real-world Mindful Drinking Festivals. And when the Covid pandemic forced us to cancel our original plans and organise a virtual event instead, we were thrilled to hear that the Top Dog team already had experience of organising online events, and we hired them to help us with our first  online Festival too. And once again, we have nothing but praise for them - not only did Gareth make sure we were ready and organised for every aspect of our event, he also rescued several webinars from disaster by jumping in and solving a number of last minute technical problems. Top Dog are a joy to work with, and we will definitely work with them again."

Jussi Tolvi - Club Soda Director 

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