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World Vision: Journey of Hope

What is Journey of Hope?

Journey of Hope is an experiential walk-through journey that gives members of the public the opportunity to step into the lives of a real life family living in one of the world's hardest places, Sierra Leone.

Two x 5m diameter replica mud huts are set up in Town centres across the UK & the public are guided through hut one, experiencing the every-day, difficult living conditions millions of people experience.  

Hut 2 shows the amazing transformation World Vision bring once they are working in the area.  

Hear what World Vision say about us in the video below:

How did Top Dog help?

World Vision approached Top Dog to refresh this experiential activity after 5 years of it being in storage.


We built it, had it repainted & helped craft the compelling, true life story of the family that live in huts just like these.

Then, we approached shopping centres with the right footfall & demographic & oversaw the transport/build & logistics of the set up & pack down after the month long stint in each Town centre. 

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